Meet your JBY Krewe Instructors 
Christina Andrini 
Christina Andrini is the owner and founder of Jai Bhakti Yoga and Jai Bhakti Yoga Non-Profit Foundation. She is a certified 200hr E-RYT, YACEP, Seva & Karma missionary yogi and global retreat leader, Regional Coordinator and Trainer for Connected Warriors Yoga and Wayfarer for Wanderlust festivals.
Her passion for teaching is inspired by her desire to serve humanity, build community, and empower students to come face to face to their truest self by experiencing an expressive, creative, and spiritual practice, which challenges the mind, body, breath connection in a pranic meditation through her Bhakti, Lotus Flow, and Hatha Yoga traditions. She hosts community yoga classes throughout her local town with an emphasis to bring awareness and teach Veterans, active duty military, women and children working through trauma, recovery and rehabilitation, and to the physically and mentally handicapped.
Christina has been actively teaching since 2011 and has studied under the guidance and mentorship of Anusara/ Hatha Vinyasa Yoga Instructor and  and Pranayama Guru Kelly Brookbank,  Bhakti guru and Ashtanga/ Bhakti Yoga Instructor, Sean Johnson, Ashtanga/ Hatha Vinyasa Instructor, Mitchell Blier, trauma conscious vinyasa teacher Judy Weaver and Kathy Rogers of Connected Warriors, and Lotus Flow innovator and global instructor Dana Trixie Flynn.  She has well over 2,000 hours of teaching experience and over 800 hours of yoga philosophy and history to share.  Christina’s mantra, ” I am always a student, willing to learn, and aiming to be used by God for the highest potential wherever needed.”

 Lauren Guttierrez
 Originally from New Orleans, Lauren is a dancer with a passion for life and for the body. “I enjoy learning how my body works and teaching allows me to share my knowledge with others while learning about what they want and need.” Her favorite part about teaching yoga is promoting self-care and creating a peaceful and restorative environment. While teaching, she loves encouraging her students and making class fun while working to stay healthy. Her focus is on alignment, safety, and improvement in your body and state of mind.
Lauren has studied Ballet, Barre, and Yoga and has been teaching to the community at various locations throughout the city. She has a background in the Hatha/ Bhakti yoga tradition and studied under Sean Johnson, Mitchel Blier, and Dana Trixie Flynn.

                                                                        Lara Selten 
My passion for teaching yoga stems from the constant evolution I see in yogis that discover and become avid, perpetual students because it changed their life. The depths of the practice are so sweetly intense and trans-formative, it will open you in ways you never saw coming and connect you to a higher vibration once you begin to tap into it. I’ve struggled throughout my life with anxiety, at times, I have analysis paralysis and my practice keeps me grounded. May my teaching be of benefit to others to stay present in their bodies and minds with love.
I received my 200 hr certification from Lex Gillan in Houston, TX who teaches Iyengar based Hatha Yoga. I embrace all styles, but I’m naturally drawn to “old school” authentic Indian yoga.  I continually study, practice and train with mentors from all disciplines and incorporate what speaks to me, as I believe they all have amazing offerings. My classes are a mix of classic techniques and compatible fun flows, with always a focus on your pranayama (breathing).
My mantra is “living for the experience”. I like being a “yes” person.  I am fascinated by everything. Infinitely curious, and always inspired by those around me, especially those who remind me to stop taking myself so seriously and can make me belly laugh. I love trying anything new: physical activities, sports, events, music, books, foods and definitely adventures. I always joke and say “If traveling was free, you would never see me!”
I love reading about mindful practices and I’m addicted to any studies on healthy lifestyle choices and integrative medicine… so many documentaries on Netflix! I am ecstatic that so many people are embracing these principles and incorporating them. I’m happy just to be a teeny part of the expansion of the mind and body connection.