Jai Bhakti Yoga literally means ” Victorious Devotion to the Divine.” This can be God, the Higher Self, Highest Truth, but most importantly, its the devotion to the Supreme.

This journey began with the deepest passion to bring a community of yoga together to see lives changed one mat, one person, one mission, at a time. A place where people of all walks of life are able to come together and practice in unison to find a space of healing, to let go, to connect, and to regroup. A place to find sacred to not just themselves, but to fellow members in the community that are seeking a place to gather and practice as a body without expectations, releasing all limitations, and find freedom to be unique to explore who they are, where they are, on their mat, and in their life.
This devotion to the journey of embracing a new beginning, a new path, a new adventure…is because we want students to feel empowered no matter what level of practice they have, to know that they have the strength within themselves to discover their greatness and overcome their self imposed weaknesses. We believe yoga is and can be for everyone. We enjoy seeing the transformation in each students practice and in their lives. Jai Bhakti Yoga is created so we practice together as human beings, “Be-ings” of one accord in unison, going through our own shadows and facing them individually yet supported by one another. We are able to build strength through the physical practice and invite the emotional, mental, and spiritual to develop along the way. It is a personal Victory that we implore each time.
Jai Bhakti Yoga travels far and wide, offering SEVA (selfless acts of love) to our brothers and sisters in the world around us. We partner with non profit organizations to assist in community service activities, to appreciate the beauty and culture of what God has blessed us with, and to open the eyes of our students to what else is outside the walls of their present “reality”. We enjoy being apart of a transformational process of touching someone else’s life and in turn, they touch ours.


Jai Bhakti Yoga breaths hope, love, compassion, and healing to those around us, and even back to ourselves. It is an adventurous practice and an experience for everyone to take when the time is right for them on their journey of life.

We look forward to having you join us on one of our adventures or attend one of the classes held throughout the community. Always feel free to say hello and introduce yourself.  We honor the Divine light that lives within each of you.


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    1. welcome. looking forward to collaborating on some prenatal workshops or posts with you. I would love to have you post and be apart of the community we are building together. Feel free to write tips and even link your site in the comments. Open to sharing space.

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