Sit and Know Yourself

” Every problem in your life is a projection of your own inner conflict. The real solution lies in understanding yourself, your problem, and not turning away from it. You have the light within you to solve all the problems that you are presented.
Sit and learn who you are. Meditate and observe your mental process. Don’t identify yourself by your thoughts. Thoughts are just illusions of the mind and behavioral patterns that we develop as a result of feeding those thoughts. (Mayas) Assert your indwelling power by sitting in stillness and hearing the voice of silence. Empower the Guru inside of you with the quietness of the mind. Meditating, detaching from thoughts, silence are the most effective ways of freeing the mind from the load of complex layers of thought. Your own observation, raw and simple, guides you to the light automatically. No thought, just the intuitive nature of knowing. That comes from meditating, sitting in stillness and getting to know yourself…”

-Mary Rossi (Parvti) Director of Yoga Earth

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