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Alexandra Keaton

Alexandra Keaton jaibhaktiyoga

Illustrator and Painter, Alexandra Keaton has had a natural gift for drawing since the age of three. Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Alexandra has attended schools such as Detroit High School for Fine and Performing Arts, Wayne State University, and College for Creative Studies to develop her artistic skills. During her school years, she has won many awards including honorable demission in the Coco Cola “Art in Harmony”two years in a roll, first place in Congressional Art Contest, and various other awards.

After college, Alexandra began a career as a freelance artist in Michigan. She provided commissions for independent business people and companies, as well as, attended Comic book conventions and Art shows. She also used her skills to teach art classes for nonprofit organizations andafter school programs.

Recently,Alexandra has left her home state, Michigan, and has relocated to New Orleans, Louisiana. In New Orleans, Alexandra wishes to expand her career and reputation in a lively artistic community, and hopes to explore and find new opportunities unavailable elsewhere.