Yoga Happens For you not To you

Jai Bhakti Yoga enjoys connecting with the local community and supporting wherever possible. From musicians, to artists, to non-profits, detention centers, and caring for the homeless and less fortunate, the heart of giving is a passion Jai Bhakti Yoga is known for. Not only does Jai Bhakti Yoga support the local community through outreach and volunteer efforts, they also travel far and wide globally and domestically to bring a little relief wherever they are able to contribute in making a difference.

Thanks to the memberships of the students that support Jai Bhakti Yoga with their monthly contributions, Jai Bhakti Yoga is able to donate supplies, money, and various necessities to bring empowerment, growth, strength, and inspiration to the communities in need.

Jai Bhakti Yoga provides yoga to the community through donation classes, free classes for Veterans, and through local pop up events. A portion of the proceeds from the memberships go to funding local non-profit organizations in an effort to restore and rebuild our home community. Our students make a difference and an impact in the lives that are touched through their generosity.

To be apart of making a difference in the lives of the people and families in our community and the world around us, please donate here.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”- Ghandi