Namaste World of Yogis and Yoginis

Welcome to Jai Bhakti Yoga.

Here you will discover how we contribute to the world around us, from local yoga classes to global SEVA (selfless acts of love) and Wellness retreats. We encourage every student to tap into their truest potential and greatest self through the practice of Yoga and invite each of you to join us on Karma Yoga (volunteer opportunities) throughout our community in partnership with other local and global non-profit organizations in an effort to bring transformation and restoration to our neighbors and ourselves.


What makes Jai Bhakti Yoga so special?

Our mission statement is, “To Transform Lives Through the Gift of Service and Yoga” and we are committed to ensuring this statement is always at the heart of every decision and activity we participate and contribute too.

We bring FREE,  Donation, and Sponsored Pop Up Yoga Classes and Events to our community to encourage awareness of  Veterans, Active Duty Military, Women and Children working through Trauma, Recovery and Rehabilitation, and persons with physical, mental, and limiting disabilities.

We also work with communities locally and globally offering our SEVA and Karma Yoga gifts similar to “Yoga Mission Trips” in an effort to give back from the blessings we have received to touch the lives of those on other walks of life and to bring hope and encouragement taking our yoga off the mat.

Why should you practice with Jai Bhakti Yoga?

We bring the yoga community to you. When you attend a Jai Bhakti Yoga class in one of our many public locations, you have the opportunity to connect with other yogis new in town or looking to make friends with similar interests, you join a community of people that are seeking to make a change in themselves and the world around them, we give you free  and discounted class passes to experience local studios and their schedules to discover new teachers and find a studio home, you get to have first dibs on registering for of all Jai Bhakti Yoga SEVA and Wellness Yoga Retreats, Workshops, and Trainings, and you get the opportunity to participate in Karma Yoga events with other non profit organizations throughout the city.